Invitations, greetings, greetings to parents

    Hand-made invitations are made with the idea of the general style of your holiday, your desires and needs. Invitations to various colors, textures, sizes, routines and original solutions Will highlight your celebration and give you pleasant moments while waiting for it.

Table Cards and Board Plans

    It is a compulsory table decoration detail. It’s fun to sit down your guests by their interests, related themes and even by the ages. Invitations style table cards will make your holiday homogeneous and the table plan will help guests to find their place before entering into your holiday environment.

Decorated glasses and candles

    It’s a special holiday decoration. Keeping the same style in both the invitation and the card, we can decorate glasses according to your preference. It will remain in memory after an extraordinary evening.

Napkin and napkin rings

    What can be more beautiful than a napkin decorated on a plate? We offer decorated rings, beads necklaces, binding techniques and special décor, also interesting flax and napkin colors.

Gifts for guests

    Gifts for guests – this is a pleasant surprise that will remind about your celebration when guests return home. We offer a variety of solutions – from gadgets with thanksgiving to home-made crafts.

Boxes for envelopes

    It’s convenient to have everything in one place so you do not have to keep envelopes and you do not have to think where to put them, just convenient and nice …

Cushions for rings and other accessories

    Beautiful, complementary celebrations, personalized and warm party details.

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